Disabled Children

A New Attack On Disabled Children By Religious Bigot In Virginia!:(

A member of the Virginia legislature has declared that disabled children have been increasing in greater numbers because of women having abortions.

State Delegate Bob Marshall said that disabled children are born to women who have abortions because God is punishing them for their sin!

How does this explain disabled children who are born to women who DON’T have abortions, Mr. Marshall? And why are you condemning disabled children as a punishment, rather than see them as God’s “special” children who can bring their own joys and happiness to their parents, and whose innocence is very appealing in a world which includes such mean, nasty people as you, a supposedly religious person, who is above all a zealot and bigot, NOT a “good Christian” based on his own hatred and poisonous, uncaring rhetoric? 🙁

The best thing this jerk could do is resign in shame from the Virginia legislature, and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and all Republican leaders in this country need to condemn the narrow mindedness and prejudice that this man represents!

And Sarah Palin, in the name of decency, needs to come out squarely against this kind of outrage, although the fact that he is a Republican, will she, or just dismiss it, as she did, after Rush Limbaugh used the term “retard”? Come on, Sarah, be consistent in the name of your son, Trig! 🙁