Diplomatic Corp

The Sacrifices And Commitment Of Our Foreign Policy Professionals Very Much Underappreciated!

Most Americans have no clue as to what life is like in other nations around the world, particularly in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Many of our politicians promote the concept that America is the only nation that matters, and even ridicule, as former Vice President Dick Cheney said, “old Europe”!

This narrow mindedness and isolationist attitude, with only a thought of using military force overseas to impose our will and our values, is extremely dangerous in the modern world, and it causes most Americans to have no understanding of the sacrifices and commitment of our foreign policy professionals all over the world, who often put themselves in harm’s way to help promote understanding and open mindedness, and promote dialogue in the nations they serve, so as to make for a more cooperative and united world.

These diplomatic personnel are not compensated properly, and are underappreciated by ignorant citizens and politicians who wish to use the outside world as a whipping boy for their own prejudices and bigotry toward people and cultures which are different, whether in their religion, nationality, ethnicity, skin color, or customs.

Today is a day we should all pause and honor the memory of Christopher Stevens, a dedicated public servant who did his best to represent us in a nation in turmoil, Libya, and died, along with three others, doing what was necessary and right to do. May he and the others killed rest in peace, and be thanked by the American people for their selfless commitment to mankind!