David Broder

The Death Of Political Journalist David Broder Of The Washington Post A Major Loss!

News has just come that David Broder, one of the giants of political journalism for the past four decades, from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama, has passed away at age 81.

This is a major loss to the Washington Post, the general journalism community, and to political junkies who relied on him for sound, sensible reporting and analysis of American politics and Presidents.

Broder won the Pulitzer Prize, a richly deserved honor for his coverage and analysis of Watergate, and was highly respected by all who believe in a balanced approach to covering politics and public affairs.

This is the kind of reporter and analyst who cannot be replaced, and who always promoted rationality and reason, and was critical of the highly partisan rhetoric so often displayed in recent years on talk radio, cable television, and even by print journalism.

Ultimately, David Broder was always a scholar and a gentleman, the best tribute that can be paid to anyone out to promote public knowledge and insight!