David and Charles Koch

The Tea Party: Right Wing Billionaire Bankrollers! :(

Many average Americans wish to believe that the Tea Party Movement is just a group of ordinary Americans who “want their country back”!

What these people do not realize is that they are being exploited and stirred into action by billionaires who have no concern for anything, but their own wealth and power! 🙁

As an article in the New Yorker by Jane Mayer demonstrated last week, and as further explained by Frank Rich of the New York Times, the real manipulators behind the Tea Party Movement are Rupert Murdoch of Fox News Channel, and two brothers, David and Charles Koch, with the two brothers wealthier than any Americans except Bill Gates and Warren Buffett!

The Koch brothers’ father helped to finance and promote the John Birch Society, born in the late 1950s, and the idea of corporate interests fighting government “interference” goes back to the American Liberty League, which opposed Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal as “socialism”!

The American Prosperity Foundation is bankrolled by the Koch brothers, and they are against taxes, corporate regulations, organized labor, and government “handouts” to the poor, unemployed, ill, and elderly!

They are behind the uproar about the so called “Ground Zero” mosque, and sponsored the Glenn Beck rally at the Washington mall this past weekend!

David Koch ran for Vice President on the Libertarian line in 1980, and he came out against Social Security, federal regulatory agencies, “welfare” programs, the FBI, the CIA, and public schools! The brothers are promoting denial of global warming, and work against the Environmental Protection Agency!

Republicans in office and running for office have picked up much of the agenda of the Koch brothers and Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch! Apologies for BP having to pay a so called “slush fund” for the damage it has wrought, and willingness to run up deficits to cut taxes for the rich, but not provide extended unemployment compensation or other programs for the average American who is suffering through this Great Recession, are examples of the agenda of these billionaires affecting our politics!

It is essential that Barack Obama and the Democrats fight these interests by making average Americans realize how they are being bamboozled by extremely wealthy people who look down upon them with disdain! 🙁