Comparative Moderation

The New Hampshire Primary: A Victory For COMPARATIVE Moderation!

The New Hampshire Primary results make clear that the majority of Republican voters, at least in New Hampshire, are comparative moderates, as when one adds the percentage of votes of winner Mitt Romney (37%) to that of third place finisher Jon Huntsman (17%), it makes for a total of 54%. Notice that the author says COMPARATIVE moderates, as Romney and Huntsman are perceived as less right wing than all the other candidates in the race.

Also, the vote shows that right wing conservatives did very poorly, with Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, both battling for fourth place, almost even at 10% each, and Rick Perry totally collapsing with 1%, making their total 21 %.

The remaining total is that of second place finisher Ron Paul, who received nearly one out of four votes, with 24%. Still not seen as able to raise money or compete in many states, and in the race to promote libertarianism and a noninterventionist foreign policy, Paul certainly has attracted many college students and others who wish we could go back a century in our economic and foreign policy, but such thoughts are for naught, as that will not happen!

This result gives Romney a great edge for the GOP Presidential nomination, but IF Jon Huntsman can utilize his billionaire father for tens of millions of dollars, he has the capability of challenging Romney in South Carolina, Florida, and beyond.

The only hope for real right wing conservatives is to get two of the three competing for the conservative vote to withdraw, which Rick Perry might do. Whether Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum will be able to come to the conclusion to withdraw to help the other is something far less likely to occur!