CNN South Carolina Republican Debate

Despicable Attack On The News Media By Republicans Who Seem To Wish There Was A Controlled Media!

The Republicans in tonight’s CNN South Carolina Presidential debate have made the news media the “whipping boy”, rather than accept their own faults and take responsibility.

So Newt Gingrich attacked the moderator, John King of CNN, for bringing up the issue of his former wife’s accusations about Newt wanting an “open marriage”, and turning the audience against the media.

Mitt Romney made clear that he is not happy with the media for pushing the issue of his tax returns.

Rick Santorum said that the media fail to recognize that he has performed better in election results than Newt Gingrich, and yet he is expected to withdraw, rather than Newt.

Ron Paul complained that he was being ignored, rather than being considered an equally qualified candidate, particularly on medical matters, since he had a career as a gynecologist.

The only complaint that actually makes sense is the Ron Paul matter, but the rest of the above issues are simply what the news is, not what the journalists are creating or conjuring up.

It seems obvious that the Republicans would wish there would be a controlled media, so that they are not held accountable for their words and actions!