Climate Control

Earth Day: A Time For Concern Of Control By Conservatives And Right Wing Christians Denying Reality!

We will be celebrating Earth Day again on Sunday, first declared by President Richard Nixon in 1970, after promotion the previous year by Democratic Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin.

42 years later, instead of dealing with our environment on an emergency basis, instead we have the power of corporate interests, conservatives, and right wing Christians, who deny global warming, climate change, and even the concept of evolution.

This globe is in a growing crisis, but if you look at the Republican Party and conservative talk radio, you would not know it!

Instead of working toward solutions that will preserve the planet for the next century and beyond, we have people invoking God and putting their heads in the sand!

And behind all this is the goal of a small elite, including the Koch Brothers, enriching themselves at the expense of the rest of us.

So while we can celebrate Earth Day, we must realize that we are living in a time of denial and illusion!