Christopher Dodd

Connecticut Still A Blue State Despite Christopher Dodd’s Decision To Retire

Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd has come under fire in the past two years for bad decisions as head of the Banking Committee, and his activism for health care reform, as well as his attempt to run for President in 2008.

Despite that, Dodd overall has an admirable record in his 30 years in the Senate and six years in the House of Representatives.

But the time has come for change, and the death of his good friend Ted Kennedy made him reconsider whether at age 65, he needed to go through a tough reelection race. He also had his own battle with prostate cancer, and lost a sister to cancer this past summer.

Fortunately, his state will remain “blue”, as long time Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who has wanted to go for a Senate seat but was stymied by the long service of Dodd and Joe Lieberman, has already announced for the Senate, and has sky high ratings. He is considered one of the very best state Attorney Generals in the nation, so the seat will remain Democratic.

The loss of Byron Dorgan and Christopher Dodd is a loss, as both contributed much to the history of the nation and the Senate. We should wish them both well!