Chris Chistie

Prediction: Texas Governor Rick Perry Will NOT Run For President In 2012!

Texas Governor Rick Perry is basking in the publicity he is gaining as he considers running for the Republican nomination for President, but he has been hesitant to announce his candidacy. Why is this?

1. His economic record in Texas is NOT good, as most jobs created are minimum wage jobs, education funding is among the lowest nationally, spending on the environment is atrociously minor, and the budget deficit is one of the highest in the nation!

2. Perry promotes social conservatism, which is guaranteed to be a losing proposition for the Republicans, as a majority of Americans are socially liberal while economically conservative.

3. Perry procrastinated all along, not having it in his makeup to want to run for President, and time is running out to wage a successful campaign, and yet his decision is weeks away, so it demonstrates poor planning and a lack of “fire in the belly”!

4. Perry may have been Governor longer than anyone else at this time in history, but remember the Texas Governorship is an extremely weak office, so his being Governor is NOT that great a testimonial to his executive leadership. It is true that George W. Bush overcame this, but realize he was a son of a President, and a family which has a lot of impact on politics, and the Bushes have never been keen about Rick Perry!

5. Rick Perry does not have the intelligence or vision or knowledge needed to compete with an intellectual President such as Barack Obama. Only Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney have that potential!

So a prediction here: Rick Perry will continue to flirt with running, milk it for all it is worth, be just like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, and then NOT run for President, just wasting our time in the process!

And the same for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, as well!