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Cable News: Who Watches What Channel?

A new poll gives very interesting information about who watches what cable news channel.

Conservatives and Southerners only watch Fox News (no surprise) LOL

Independents tend not to watch any of the three cable news channels.

Democrats split their watching between CNN and MSNBC.

Young people between 18-29 tend to avoid watching much cable news, but shun Fox News the most! LOL

Also, more people watch CNN than either other channel, with Fox second and MSNBC third.

The greatest disappointment is that 61 percent never watch CNN; 66 percent never watch Fox; and 77 percent never watch MSNBC. With the fact that reading of newspapers and periodicals is way down in recent years, it is obvious that the American people as a whole are not well versed in public affairs, and I would say it shows in what has been going on at these Town Hall events all over the nation–ill informed people who are very emotional and irrational and do not understand basic facts and concepts of public issues and affairs. This is indeed a very sad state of affairs. 🙁

Somehow, the results of this poll are very predictable! There are no surprises in my mind! 🙁