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Analysis Of Barack Obama’s Speech: Was It Too Complex For His Audience?

A language expert has done a full analysis of President Obama’s Tuesday night speech, which was criticized by pundits on the Left and the Right, but upon later developments on Wednesday–including the agreement of British Petroleum Corporation to set up an escrow account of $20 billion without a cap–second thoughts on the effectiveness of the speech have emerged!

It is disturbing, however, that the language expert believes that the President’s speech was “too professorial for his audience!”

What is too professorial? Apparently, speaking at a 9.8 grade level is such, which is quite a commentary on the educational level of the American people! That is the end of the freshman year of high school, nearing the sophomore year!

Also, having four sentences on the average per paragraph, with about 19.8 words per sentence, is too complex for those listening! Apparently, the way Obama spoke was “aloof” and “out of touch” with his audience!

This speech prevented an emotional connection to the American people, according to the language expert!

Obama’s “best” speech, apparently, was his 2008 “Yes We Can!” victory speech, which comes in at a level of 7.4, early part of the seventh grade reading level!

If after all of the educational opportunities that have been offered in recent years, the best we can get is early high school as the level required to communicate with an audience, then we are indeed in sad shape educationally in this country!

But then again, is there anything new about that assertion? 🙁