Bill O’ Reilly

The Obama Administration And Fox “News” Channel

It is very pleasing to see the Obama Administration going on the offensive against Fox “News” Channel, which is declared by spokesmen for the President as the Fox “Opinion” Channel.

This is an absolutely correct description of the nature of that channel, which makes no effort to be fair or balanced, although they claim to be just that.

Fox has worked to promote the failure of the Obama Presidency, almost as if they are in league with Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and other so called journalists on their channel, plus the radio tirades of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and others who are out just to enrich themselves, and do not care about journalistic standards.

It is sad that this kind of disgraceful behavior masquerades as news, but I call upon the President and his supporters to continue to work to undermine any respect that this channel has.

Even if Fox gets a sizable audience at times, it is a bad reflection on those who swear by the channel, as it shows a lack of judgment and fairness. Hate and division are not the answer to our problems, but rather CONSTRUCTIVE criticism which is certainly welcome, but which we will obviously never find on Fox!