Benghazi Tragedy

Hillary Clinton Proved Her Courage And Strength, Proof That She Can Handle The Presidency With Distinction And Dignity!

Hillary Clinton has undergone today what many might call a “crucifixion” by the politicized Benghazi House Committee headed by South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy.

The hearing, rehashing old investigations and hearings into the tragedy at Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, which led to the death of the US Ambassador to Libya and three others, has hit eleven hours, the longest single Congressional committee hearing in American history, and only one witness, Hillary Clinton.

The hearing will backfire big time on the Republicans, and will strengthen the campaign of Hillary Clinton, and promote her Presidential campaign, with now the great likelihood that she will be the Democratic Presidential nominee.  It is an embarrassing spectacle of abuse of power by the Republicans in the House of Representatives.

She is proving that nothing that happens in the Presidency is beyond her capability of dealing with, and her courage and strength prove she can handle the Presidency with dignity and distinction!  She will grace the Presidency and make America proud, and overcome any GOP blockading, just as Barack Obama has done for the past nearly seven years!

“Fishing” Expeditions Mount As Republicans Lose On ObamaCare!

The Republican Party is so desperate to find an issue to attack the Obama Administration, now that ObamaCare is working, and polls indicate growing support for the landmark legislation that twenty years ago the Republicans supported, and which Mitt Romney put into play in Massachusetts eight years ago, now shown by statistics and research to have saved many lives in that state.

So now the Republicans are engaging in another attack on the Benghazi terrorist tragedy in Libya, despite the fact there is no evidence of wrongdoing.

And they also have cited Lois Lerner for using her Fifth Amendment rights in the investigation of the Internal Revenue Service targeting political organizations who want tax exempt status, even though progressive groups, as well as conservative groups, were investigated as to their right to a tax exemption.

Also, there is heat being brought against Eric Shinseki, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, over the problems in providing health care for veterans, even though the GOP has no problem with trying to deny millions of poor people the opportunity to have health care through Medicaid expansion!

The hypocrisy of the Republican Party is beyond belief, and the American people need for the Democrats to fight back in clear terms, and make all voters know the truth about the GOP strategy, so that they do not reward them for their lies and deceit in the upcoming Midterm Elections of 2014!

Talk Of Obama Impeachment Over Benghazi Tragedy: Republican Insanity!

The Republican Party and the conservative movement have been out to get President Barack Obama from the day he took office, just as they were with President Bill Clinton.

The right wing was able to impeach Bill Clinton over his sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky, but was unable to remove him from office, even with a majority Republican Senate in 1999.

Now, the tragedy of the death of the ambassador and three support staff in Benghazi, Libya, is being conjured up to be a scandal on the level of Watergate under Richard Nixon, Iran Contra under Ronald Reagan, and the sex scandal under Clinton.

And Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, now a right wing talk show host gone mad, are suggesting that impeachment of Barack Obama is possible, a totally lunatic concept!

NOTHING about Benghazi is worthy of impeachment, and it would simply be another “lynch mob” as occurred with Bill Clinton, making a mockery of the impeachment provision of the Constitution, by utilizing it for the third time in 40 years, when only the Richard Nixon case was worthy of impeachment!

It would undermine the ability of the government to deal with the many domestic and foreign policy issues this nation faces, and be a waste of time and money, as even with an impeachment, which would stain the reputation of Obama permanently, as it did with Clinton, the reality is that NO WAY would a two thirds vote of the Senate be possible to remove the President from office, any more than it was with Bill Clinton!

It is an exercise in futility, unjustified, and clearly is just a political ploy that would reverberate on the Republican Party and the conservative movement, leading to just more political confrontation, and cause disgust among the American people!