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Why Young People Must Take Responsibility For Having Health Insurance!

It is good to hear that about 28 percent of those people signing up for ObamaCare are between the ages of 18-34 years of age. ObamaCare cannot work without a large percentage of participants being young people, but beyond that fact, young people need to understand that having health insurance is as much, if not more important, as having auto insurance, and is more important than having a fancy car to impress other people, or have all the “bells and whistles” on their cell phone, or feeling a need to spend large amounts of money on smoking, drinking, and gambling!

Maturity is required, and this author wishes to give two examples of young people, both in their mid 20s, who like most young people, probably figured that nothing could go wrong health wise, that they were protected from potential harm because they were young and that bad things only happen to other people, and mostly older.

Both have been students of mine, and one lost three years of moving ahead because of a terrible auto accident, which thank goodness, he has recovered from, and moved ahead in his life.

The other student lost a few years when he was overwhelmed by an illness that was never quite diagnosed, seemed to be the beginnings of multiple sclerosis, but has now gone into remission or disappeared completely without explanation.

These two examples demonstrate why every young person MUST afford health care coverage, even if one must deny himself or herself other personal pleasures of life, as one can never know what the future holds, no matter what one’s age!

So when the right wing tells young people to avoid signing up for ObamaCare, they are really saying that they do not give a damn about your health and well being, and that, in itself, is enough reason why no sane person should ever back conservatives or Republicans who have an agenda that does not include protection of the health of millions of Americans!