Armed Insurrection Advocacy

What Sharron Angle And Rick Barber Share: Belief In Armed Insurrection! :(

Sharron Angle is the GOP nominee for Senator in Nevada, but who is Rick Barber?

It turns out that he is in a runoff for the Republican nomination for a Congressional seat in the Second District of Alabama.

So you might say, why is his name being brought up alongside Senate nominee Sharron Angle?

It turns out both of them have advocated armed insurrection, using the Second Amendment, with Angle stating such in January, and Rick Barber stating it this week in a commercial, appealing to the voters of his congressional district, using actors dressed up as the Founding Fathers to make his point! 🙁

Is this acceptable speech and advocacy, to promote an armed insurrection against our government? 🙁

Is our government a threat such as that under Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao, or Fidel Castro? 🙁

If one thinks that, then that person should be committed to a mental institution as a dangerous lunatic, as that is certainly NOT the case! 🙁

Unfortunately, there may be a small percentage of our nation which actually believes this drivel! 🙁

One thing is clear: It is necessary for the media to report this nutty and dangerous advocacy, and for the people who are sane and rational to make certain such characters as Sharron Angle and Rick Barber are defeated in their quest to become part of our government! 🙁