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Hysteria Setting In About ISIL (ISIS), But Calmness And Careful Judgment Is Needed!

The beheading of the second American journalist by the radical extremist movement ISIL (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria gives all of us a stab in the heart, and it is clear that America faces an overwhelming challenge to deal with the worst terrorist group the world has seen, with the recognition that they are a danger to national security.

With about 100 Americans, and 500 British and 500 French citizens having joined this despicable group, it presents the reality that the Western world is under direct threat of serious terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings, with the aim to promote mass murder.

So Barack Obama needs to form a coalition with other Western nations, Israel, and moderate Islamic and Arab countries against the common foe, and the commitment to a long, expensive conflict is unavoidable, no matter how much we might wish otherwise.

But this is also the time to stop the hysteria that has set in, and to use calmness and careful judgment as to strategy and tactics against our common enemy.

It was hysteria and lack of calmness and careful judgment that led to the failed Iraq War, and Barack Obama does not wish to repeat the mistakes of the past, which helped lead to this crisis,

For Neocons to attack Obama, and refuse to take responsibility for their blunders which led to this mess, is totally reprehensible and despicable!

We should not go down the road of disaster that caused the previous administration to manipulate the truth, and make commitments that failed to accomplish their goal, and added to the national debt and loss of life.

Yes, we will have to add to the national debt, and we will see more military casualties, but it is worth it to enter this crisis with a clear head and a different mentality, rather than repeating history!