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Interesting Development: Republican Leadership Evading Gay Marriage Issue, Angering Evangelical Conservatives!

A very interesting development is the mild manner that the Republican leadership, from Mitt Romney down to members of Congress and even Fox News Channel, is reacting to Barack Obama’s gay marriage support this past week.

Romney, and just about everyone else, is saying they will not focus on social issues such as gay marriage during the campaign, instead focusing on economic issues.

This is shocking and angering social conservatives, evangelical Christians mostly, who insist that gay marriage should be the cornerstone of the GOP campaign for Congress and the Presidency this year.

Tony Perkins, of the evangelical Family Research Council, and Gary Bauer, of the American Values organization, disagreed strongly with the argument that the gay marriage issue is a distraction.

One has to wonder what will happen IF the Republicans continue to push the gay marriage issue to the sidelines.

Is there a chance of a third party movement promoting the social agenda, if the GOP does not do so? Could it affect Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign?

Stay tuned!