American Legion

An Innocuous Bill Opposed By Republicans To Honor Civil Service Workers Killed In Line Of Duty: Is There No Limit To Their Lack Of Sanity And Decency?

An innocuous bill proposed in the House of Representatives, and thought to have no problem to be approved, has been shot down by the Republican majority.

This bill would have called for an American flag to be presented at the funerals of American civil service employees killed in the line of duty, much like what is done for people who have died as soldiers in our military.

The civilians killed would not get the other honors that soldiers have at their funerals, just a flag to honor their service to the nation.

One might ask what is meant by civilian workers killed in the line of duty. This includes the following: those killed in a terrorist attack; work related accident or illness; natural disaster; or criminal attack occurring during service at their work.

Nearly 3,000 federal workers have died on their job for the above reasons in the past 20 years, and this bill would have honored their sacrifice.

But the American Legion opposed the bill, and a large number of Republicans have joined them, making a bill that was no big deal, suddenly a big deal and to be opposed, as if only military people, not civilians, have sacrificed for their country!

What can one say, what can one express, other than disgust and rolling eyes! There is no limit to the lack of sanity and decency in the present day Republican Party!