19th Congressional District

Congressional Employees And Payment Bonuses: Is That Appropriate In Difficult Times? YES!

As if there have not been enough attacks on state and local government employees and their salaries and benefits, now the attack is beginning on Congressional employees, who are the backbone of our Congress, and whom without, our Congress could not operate!

The average Congressional employee is grossly underpaid, as compared to what could be gained in private employment, but these men and women, primarily in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, feel a calling to serve their country by working for members of Congress!

Without these dedicated public servants, Congress could not operate, as they are the substance and the solid base of every Congressman and Senator and all House and Senate committees!

These are people with excellent educations and skills that keep every Congressional office operating, and keep their member of Congress up to date and informed about the myriad of issues that each member of Congress faces daily!

Does anyone think any member of either house of Congress could do their job without their dedicated staffs? How does one think legislative action is accomplished, that research is done, that speech writing is achieved, that scheduling is set up, that constituent services are smoothly arranged?

If, with pay lower than normal for the talents and skills needed, it is made impossible for a Congressman or Senator to use his or her discretion to pay bonuses to his or her staff members who deserve it for long hours and often constant attention to their work even when supposedly off from the job, then we will see a mass exodus of the best and the brightest from employment on Capitol Hill, and the nation will be the worse for it!

This commentary is based on the reality of what the author knows from years of study and reflection on the American political system, plus the experience of his older son, David Feinman, having devoted three years to the service of the constituents of the 19th Congressional District of Florida under Congressman Robert Wexler!