Day: May 12, 2023

George Santos, An Embarrassment And Burden To Republican Party

First term Congressman George Santos (R-New York) is just the latest example of the disaster that is the Republican Party of 2023!

Santos has copied Donald Trump in stating that the 13 charges brought against him this week by the federal government are a “witch hunt”!

He has lied about everything imaginable, and he should resign from office, but Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy desperately needs every vote on every bill, since he has only a four seat majority in the House of Representatives.

Santos is an embarrassment and burden to the Republican Party, and it is likely that his Congressional seat in Northern Queens County and North Shore of Nassau County, the area where this blogger and author lived in the first half of his life, will turn back to Democratic if there is a special election during the term, or else in the regular election cycle in 2024!