Facts: States With Weak Gun Laws And High Gun Ownership Lead In Gun Deaths!

In the midst of the endless number of gun massacres occurring daily in America, and with children being the primary victims, statistics demonstrate the reality that Second Amendment advocates do not want to acknowledge.

States with weak gun laws and high gun ownership lead in Gun Deaths.

The six highest states in gun deaths are Mississippi, Wyoming, Louisiana, Alaska, Missouri, and Alabama, all with lax gun laws!

The five states with lowest gun death rates, all of which have strong gun control regulations, are Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and New York!

Notice that it is Southern states which primarily have high death rates from guns, while Northeastern, highly urban states have low death rates from guns!

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, leading a Congressional hearing in New York City yesterday to go after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg due to prosecution and indictment of Donald Trump, comes from the Columbus, Ohio area, which has THREE times the crime rate of New York City!

Fox News Channel pedals lies and deceit, but it is clear that having stronger gun laws helps to lead to lower death rates, particularly among children!

It is clear that one major reason why Republicans, conservatives, Fox News Channel, and the National Rifle Association has no concern about death rates from guns, particularly among children, is the reality that many more African American children are victims than are white, Latino, or Asian children.

This is part of the continued racism and lack of concern, including police abuse against African American youths, so quick to shoot and kill, as compared to white youths!

One comment on “Facts: States With Weak Gun Laws And High Gun Ownership Lead In Gun Deaths!

  1. Wayne Johnson April 18, 2023 6:25 am

    I am sick and tired of hearing this now on a daily basis!!

    A high school black kid was shot in the head and shoulder when he accentdentally went to the wrong house to pick up his younger siblings.

    The owner of the house was white, and when he opened the door, he just shot the young teen.

    The young teen played bass clarinet in the school band, and was planning to study electrical engineering after graduating.

    (I’m sure the young man was more intelligent than the self empowered asshole who shot him.)

    Now the “Stand Your Ground” law in Missouri would be applied in this situation.

    Kansas City police probe shooting of Ralph Yarl, Black teen who went to wrong house to pick up his younger brothers – CBS News

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