Day: October 8, 2022

299 “Election Deniers” On Ballots, Running As Republicans, Creating A Crisis!

An amazing total of 299 Republicans on state and federal ballots for the Midterm Elections of 2022 are declared “Election Deniers”, still stating Joe Biden did not win the Presidency over Donald Trump in the Presidential Election of 2020.

This is out of a total of 569 Republicans running for office, or 53 percent of all Republicans! A total of 173 are running for safely Republican seats, and 52 are in competitive races. And Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan are particularly endangered on the matter of accepting election results.

This bodes evil coming, with Republicans creating a crisis of legitimacy, as certainly, many of these “Election Deniers” are certain to win, with the only question being how many, and in which states, that might have a deleterious effect on the counting of votes in the upcoming Presidential Election of 2024.

Some states, if they elect such “Election Deniers” as Governors and Secretaries of State, responisible for counting of votes, could create a nightmare two years from now!

And there could be a crisis in seating some US Senators and Congressmen for the 118th Congress that opens on January 3, 2023.