January 6 Commission Is Essential To Investigate, Hold Accountable, And Avoid Future Insurrection!

The creation of the January 6 Commission on the Capitol Insurrection is essential, in order to investigate, hold accountable, and avoid future such insurrections.

But only 35 Republicans voted for the Commission, along with all Democrats, making the vote 252-175.

However, all 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump in January came through, along with 25 other courageous Republicans, defying the leadership of Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise, the two leading Republican House leaders.

The Senate might prevent such a January 6 Commission, still uncertain, and it will undermine the Republican Party reputation if that occurs, so right now, the nation is in limbo until the Senate vote occurs after a likely long debate.

Ten Republicans would need to support the creation of the Commission, but only seven Senators voted to convict Trump, so the question is whether those seven and three more will be willing to do the right thing!

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