Best Strategy For Joe Biden: Emphasize Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, Under Attack By Donald Trump And Republicans, To Working Class And Senior Citizens

There are many issues that need to be discussed and emphasized by Joe Biden and his running mate, and Democrats in general, during the upcoming Presidential and Congressional Election campaigns of 2020.

Certainly, these include the CoronaVirus Pandemic, the racial turmoil that has arisen anew since the George Floyd murder, and the economic Great Depression that have gained the most attention in these past six months.

Also, the need to discuss the issue of climate change and global warming, and the dangers to American foreign policy presented by Donald Trump’s reckless attacks on our intelligence agencies and foreign policy establishment, which has undermined our relations with our NATO allies and other democratic nations around the globe, must be discussed. Trump’s flirtation with authoritarian leaders, including Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey, Egypt, the Philippines, Brazil and elsewhere is also a major threat to global security.

But despite these and many other issues, ultimately, the major message that will gain more working class and senior citizen support is to emphasize what Democrats have supported, and have battled to preserve—programs passed by generations of Democrats, and widespread attacked by Republicans, and particularly Donald Trump in the last four years.

That is, the social justice programs that matter the most:

Social Security, passed under FDR in 1935, the lifeline for millions of people.

Medicare and Medicaid, passed under LBJ in 1965-1966, which has been a literal lifesaver for millions of Americans.

The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, passed under Obama in 2010, and constantly under attack by Republicans who have no alternative plan, and which has been a blessing to thirty million Americans.

None of these programs were perfect or are perfect, but if left up to the Republicans of the past, and even more in the present, they would never have existed, or would have died over the years!

So Democrats need to emphasize this, that all these programs are scheduled for ultimate undermining and destruction, if, God forbid, Trump won a second term, and had a Republican controlled House of Representatives and Senate!

Explaining this reality to the working class and senior citizens is the best way to get them out to vote, not sit on the sidelines, or believe the lies and propaganda of the evil Republican Party!

10 comments on “Best Strategy For Joe Biden: Emphasize Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, Under Attack By Donald Trump And Republicans, To Working Class And Senior Citizens

  1. Pragmatic Progressive August 9, 2020 9:50 am

    Viruses, fires, hurricanes, Donald Trump. Now we’re having earthquakes. A 5.1 earthquake occurred in Sparta, NC this morning, which is in north western NC. It was felt in our area as well as in South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio, Georgia. Largest one to occur in that part of NC in about 100 years.

  2. Princess Leia August 9, 2020 11:13 am

    There’s a chance of aftershocks this week, but the chance of a larger earthquake is very small.

  3. Former Republican August 9, 2020 12:59 pm

    Sounds like Mother Earth is just as stressed out about Trumplethinskin as I am.

  4. Jeffrey G Moebus August 10, 2020 8:01 am

    i note that You didn’t suggest that Biden also address America’s $26.6+ Trillion and growing national, sovereign debt, and the looming bankruptcy of Social Security.

    But then i remembered that that would be one of the the last thinga Biden [or any candidate for any federal office this year, including Trump] would want to bring up.

    That is the last thing that anybody in Swampland ~ at either end of Pennsylvania Avenue and particularly over at The Fed ~ wants any American citizen, voter, or taxpayer to concern themselves with. Especially in an election year.

    And, that is something that very very few ~ if any ~ of those citizens, voters, and taxpayers want to be informed ~ let alone be concerned ~ about, anyway.

  5. Rustbelt Democrat August 10, 2020 8:49 am

    The Professor addressed the issue of Social Security. Republicans want to get rid of it. That’s why we need to vote Republicans out and replace them with Democrats who will protect it.

  6. Jeffrey G Moebus August 10, 2020 11:16 pm

    He mentioned Social Security as one of those “social justice programs that matter the most” to potential voters. He said nothing at all about its looming bankruptcy. But again, why should he? The overwhelming number of potential voters [especially among Boomers] do not want to even hear about that, let alone think about that.

  7. Ronald August 11, 2020 5:46 am

    Jeffrey, the solution to Social Security is to raise the income taxed, just as with Medicare. There should be no limit, so that those who are wealthier pay more, which is proper, to support the best program ever devised!

    I have a feeling you are a critic, while taking it, not surprised, as you like to be a royal you know what, reason why others on this blog ignore you! 🙁

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