Day: November 26, 2017

George H. W. Bush Now Longest Lived President Of The United States, Passing Gerald Ford

It is now official.

George H. W. Bush has become the longest lived President of the United States, passing Gerald Ford yesterday, November 25.

And by March 16, 2018, Jimmy Carter will also have passed Gerald Ford, and only 111 days behind George H. W. Bush as both men add on to the record of longevity.

Bush is not in very good health, and has had many health crises for the past few years, but he has triumphed by surviving it all to reach this pinnacle.

The question remains whether Jimmy Carter, who had a cancer prognosis more than two years ago, will outlive Bush, and there is no way to know that.

But having two living Presidents at age 93 and by March 16, both having surpassed two other 93 year old Presidents, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan, is an amazing statistic all on its own.