Sexual Assault Charges Against Donald Trump A True Disaster For Republican Party With Women!

The newly emerging sexual assault charges against Donald Trump from multiple sources over a few decades cries out for the Republican Party to repudiate him in a total fashion, but it is NOT happening!

Trump is becoming a total disaster for the Republican Party with women, and Hillary Clinton is going to win the Presidency due to women in overwhelming numbers coming out to insure that Trump, the ultimate misogynist, sexist and sexual criminal, is totally defeated.

It is shocking that millions of women, but a minority, have no issue with Trump, and that so called “religious” people in many millions also have no problem in accepting Trump.

It is clear, despite all of the advancements for women in the past half century, that much work needs to be done.

In 2008 and since, we saw the ugly stain of racism due to the victory of Barack Obama, and now we see the ugly stain of misogyny in 2016, due to the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, not new but rearing its ugly head much more than anyone could have imagined, and all this due to the Fascist demagogue Donald Trump!

7 comments on “Sexual Assault Charges Against Donald Trump A True Disaster For Republican Party With Women!

  1. Paul Doyle October 14, 2016 6:33 am

    And Trump himself still doesn’t get it.
    At one of his stops, he made references to the physical appearance of a couple of the victims, as if to say they were not attractive enough to attack.

    In another stop, he is seen kissing a sign that said “Women for Trump”, which I,’m sure is the visual you want to relay with the accusations against him.

    And , third he has a schtick where he makes fun of the accusation of invading Hilary’s space at the second debate.
    In a leering punch line, he says, “Believe me, that’s the last space I’,d want to invade,”.

    So again, it,’s always about the physical appearance of women that Donald deems good enough to sexually attack.

  2. Paul Doyle October 14, 2016 7:18 am

    The 1884 Presidential campaign had James Blaine and the motto of “Rum, Romanism and Rebellion” against the opposition party. Besides his ties with the railroads, that motto stirred the opposition to victory.

    In this campaign, we can revise the motto to “Dumb,. Racism and Rebellion” and be fearless about the truth in that statement. LOL!

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