Barack Obama Success Versus The Public Opinion Polls

Barack Obama has been the most successful President in economic affairs in modern times, surpassing Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.

So says the conservative journal FORBES, and who is to argue with them coming up with this conclusion?

Obama has presided over the greatest stock market growth in American history, but also has seen tremendous economic expansion and creation of jobs not seen since the Clinton Administration.

Of course, unemployment is still 6.1 percent and many people have dropped out of the job market, and unemployment compensation has not been extended.

And of course, the minimum wage has not been increased, and should be, if based on the cost of living, would be triple what it is now–$7.25 an hour!

Infrastructure spending is essential, but has been prevented by the Republican Party.

The point is that despite the inherited Great Recession, Barack Obama has done miracles on the economy, and has succeeded in killing more Muslim terrorists than anyone else, including Osama Bin Laden and Libya’s dictator, Muamarr Gaddafi.

And yet, despite all this and much more, recent public opinion polls show a low point in the 30s for Obama, including one third disillusioned Democrats.

But it is clear that these polls are not to be relied on or believed, and it is obvious that those polled do not understand what has happened, and are clueless as to public affairs, and are more reacting to the right wing attacks on Obama, rather than using their own intellectual abilities.  It is scary how a large portion of the nation is ignorant, and ill informed!

5 comments on “Barack Obama Success Versus The Public Opinion Polls

  1. Engineer Of Knowledge September 12, 2014 7:36 am

    Good Morning Professor,
    I find humor and laugh to myself at the project thought that in the “Blow Hard Radio Lemmings'” lifetime, they will be using some form of U. S. currency with President Obama’s image stamp or printed on it.

    There will also be a Naval military ceremony at the commissioning of the new Aircraft Carrier, “USS OBAMA”.

    The future will present many homages toward the first black president who lead this country out of the worst economic depression since The Great Depression. The nation will also make note of the successes of his handling of “Foreign Policies” during these tumultuous times.

    Yes, I have to repeat that I am enjoying the knowledge that the “nihilistic, extreme, right wingers” will be stroking out when what I have projected eventually comes true.

  2. Ronald September 12, 2014 8:05 am

    Engineer, you are absolutely correct, and I hope you and I are still around when those events happen!
    Forbes Magazine, a conservative publication, declared that Obama is the most successful economic President of modern times, quite a testimonial.
    Obama has passed Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan in that regard, and particularly, considering the burden of the Great Recession, it is absolutely amazing!
    I predict that Barack Obama will end up in the top ten of all Presidents in future polling by educated scholars, not the ignorant general public, which is sadly affected by the right wing talk radio and Fox News Channel.
    I go into so many establishments that have Fox News Channel on, not CNN or MSNBC, and it annoys me no end, as to the pablum spoon fed to the masses.
    Sadly, a President is not appreciated until he passes away, such as Harry Truman, and in the future, Jimmy Carter.
    Thanks again for writing your inspiring commentary!

  3. Engineer Of Knowledge September 12, 2014 2:20 pm

    Yes a very good example with Harry Truman as he too was the target of the venomous attacks from right wing nut jobs during his tenure.

    He too had in his honor the naming of the aircraft carrier, USS HARRY S. TRUMAN (CVN 75)!

  4. Ronald September 12, 2014 3:27 pm

    Yes, Engineer, and so did Jimmy Carter in 1998!

  5. Engineer Of Knowledge September 12, 2014 4:46 pm

    There you go, the USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23)

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