Day: April 13, 2013

The Korean Crisis Could Be The Most Important Foreign Policy Moment For Barack Obama!

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, along with other top administration officials, now face what is likely to be the most profound crisis in foreign policy of the Obama Presidency.

We could be on the edge of a major war in the Korean peninsula, with the potential for a massive loss of life in South Korea and Japan, and danger to our own troops, presently numbering 28,000 brave men and women.

Kim Jong Un is a young man who should not be in power, has nuclear capability, and is even worrying his neighbor, China, with his reckless statements and actions.

It will take all of the statesmanship and courage of our leadership to resolve this without a major disaster, and the prognosis seems grim indeed!