The Most Dysfunctional Congress Since The 1870s!

The 112th Congress is so dysfunctional that it is the worst one in performance since the Reconstruction years of the 1870s after the Civil War!

The 112th Congress has produced the fewest laws since at least 1947, with only about 150 laws

Congress is usually judged by how many laws it has passed, but with a Democratic Senate and a Republican House of Representatives, nothing has been done, except for accusations back and forth.

The most conservative Democrat votes to the left of every Republican, and the most moderate Republican to the right of every Democrat, a situation that has never occurred before, with some across the aisle voting always occurring in the past, with a lot of it in the 1930s through to the early 1970s.

Congress’s popularity ratings are in the low teens, below of that of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, an unbelievable situation!

Unless either party wins control of both houses of Congress in 2012, another four years of paralysis is likely.

But if the Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress and the White House, their purpose would be to destroy the “welfare” state of the New Deal and Great Society, wiping out a century of social and economic reform.

That would portend a possible civil war, as a large portion of the population would not tolerate such right wing extremism, and it could lead to a breakdown of our society’s stability and to foreign policy adventures which would bring deterioration of our unity!

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