Mitt Romney’s Concept Of Taxes And Speaking Fees: A Major Minus For His Campaign For President

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has stirred up a new controversy with his comments about taxes (that he pays only 15% on his income, mostly investment, not work in the past ten years), and his statement that his one higher taxed income on lecture fees ($376,000) is “not that much money”.

This causes outrage among hard working Americans, who do not get a 15% tax rate, because they face the challenge of going to work every day, and dealing with the stresses of life, not sitting back and watching their money make money!

If Romney is worth $250 million, the estimated amount of his fortune, that means even a one percent return is $2.5 million!

And to call $376,000 in lecture fees not much money is an outrage, as that is EIGHT times the average income of a typical American!

Just as a comparison, this author and blogger NEVER made $100.000 a year while working; has a retirement income of about half of that amount; earns about $5-7,000 a year on lecture fees, at about $200 to $250 per lecture, despite his credentials to be an expert being far greater than Romney as a propagandizing politician; and only wishes that his assets were just $1 million to lean back on, instead of being a fraction of that amount!

How can Romney appeal to anyone who knows what it is to earn a living, and does not have a silver spoon in his mouth when he is born, and will never have the “American Dream” fulfilled as Mitt Romney was fortunate enough to be born to?

What should make him entitled to such a low tax rate while everyone else has to struggle on a much lower income and make tough decisions every day? And this is referring to the middle class, not even to the poor who get vilified constantly for their status in society, even with most of them being children and single women!

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