Withdrawal Of Jon Huntsman From Republican Presidential Battle: The Loss Of Competence, Credibility And Principle

With the withdrawal of Jon Huntsman, former Utah Governor and Ambassador to China, from the Republican Presidential battle, we see the loss of competence, credibility, and principle , and are left with a uninspiring and inferior group of candidates for the Oval Office from the opposition party.

For a supporter of Barack Obama, this can be seen as a good omen, but there is also the lingering fear that anything is possible when it comes to a Presidential election, and we could, potentially, end up with one of the remaining candidates in the White House on January 20, 2013.

Under the circumstances, Mitt Romney is the best of a bad lot, but the thought that the endorsement of Rick Santorum by evangelical Christians could possibly lead to the former Pennsylvania Senator’s nomination, creates a lot of unease.

The question that arises is why the Republican Party cannot find candidates more competent, credible, and principled than the sorry group that remains in the competition, as the country deserves better!

Even though Huntsman has now dropped out, he remains someone to watch in 2016 if the Republicans lose the Presidential election, still a likely scenario! His credentials remain very impressive, and he was a real threat to Obama, and his selection, had it occurred, would have made for a very competent battle, but in 2016, without an incumbent President, if Obama wins, Huntsman would have to be given a greater chance of success.

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