Reality: American Defense Spending As Much As Ten Other Nations Combined!

In the midst of debate about defense spending, it should be pointed out that Pentagon spending is over $600 billion annually, while China is at $90 billion, even with increased spending!

Also, the US spends more on defense than the next TEN nations combined!

And finally, the cuts in defense spending are on FUTURE INCREASES in spending, not an actual cut in present defense spending!

Will this have any effect on opponents who will accuse the Obama Administration of putting America in danger?

Of course not, but it shows what the Obama Administration is doing is justifiable and reasonable!

One comment on “Reality: American Defense Spending As Much As Ten Other Nations Combined!

  1. Maggie January 6, 2012 11:06 pm

    Whoa…I have had to listen to a couple republicans in my world rant about how President Obama is “cutting the teeth of the military” or some such noncense. Have also heard how decreasing spending is going to place the US in major danger! I wish I could tell them to stuff a sock in it! If I remember, Clinton cut back on defense spending and we didn’t end up dominated by some super power did we?

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