Proper And Smart Move For Obama To Make Recess Appointments For Consumer Financial Protection Bureau And National Labor Relations Board

President Obama has been stymied constantly on appointments to various government agencies by Republican filibusters in the US Senate.

The Republicans are not contending that Obama’s appointments are not qualified, but simply playing politics and refusing to approve appointments to necessary positions on important government agencies.

So the President, in another example of aggressiveness, has made a recess appointment of Richard Cordray, former Ohio Attorney General, to be the heed of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency formulated by Elizabeth Warren, who knew she would never be approved to head the bureau, so is running for the US Senate.

Recess appointments are allowed in the Constitution to prevent Congress from paralyzing government by refusal to fill positions in government agencies. Barack Obama has not been the first President to do this, with George W. Bush using the power extensively, most notable with John Bolton as a recess appointment to be United Nations Ambassador.

Cordray’s appointment will be effective for two years, to the end of 2013.
And Obama also made three recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, another government agency that Republicans wish to paralyze, but Obama took action and should be commended for it.

This is the fighting Obama that should have been there from day one, fighting the GOP, but after nearly three years of trying to get along and work with Republicans, Obama is following the aggressive tactics of Democratic Presidents, including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Bill Clinton! Kudos to him!

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