Rick Perry Family Hunting Camp Racial Slurs Disqualify Him To Be President!

Texas Governor Rick Perry is now in the midst of a controversy regarding his family’s hunting camp, which had a racial slur on a rock at the entrance for many years, the most despicable slur possible–the N word–, and it has caused Herman Cain, the only African American candidate in the Republican race, to denounce him as insensitive on the race issue. That is a mild reaction, to say the least, but still telling!

In 2012, despite the reality that there are Americans who are racist and promote the race issue, particularly on President Obama, it is NOT acceptable to have such a candidate represent a major political party in a national campaign!

All it does is promote the “Old South” mentality that must be rooted out completely from national politics, as that is not the road to progress in the future, particularly in a nation becoming rapidly more racially diverse, and by 2040-2050 will see the white population as a minority in America!

It will be interesting to see if other Republican candidates, other than Herman Cain, will speak up and criticize Rick Perry on this. If they do not, then they lose all credibility as legitimate candidates for the Presidency of the United States!

This nation cannot afford to go backward on racial progress, and Rick Perry would be a reflection of the past on racial matters, and in many ways, the present in Texas for minorities who have faced discrimination despite their growing numbers.

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