The Increasing Lack Of Respect And Appreciation Of America’s Public Servants! :(

It is extremely disturbing that there is a growing lack of respect and appreciation for America’s public servants!

Whether national, state or local, public servants serve the American people in all kinds of ways, but are taken for granted, and now face a sustained attack on the importance of their jobs, their salaries, their benefits, and even their pensions! 🙁

One would think that public servants are paid high salaries, which is the farthest from the truth, but demagogic politicians, with the vast majority being Republicans, have declared war on public servants as a way to have a scapegoat, and pit these public servants against the general population! 🙁

If these public servants, derogatorily called “bureaucrats”, are suddenly cut in numbers, the American people will quickly discover that government services will become far less accessible and rapid in accomplishment!

And realize public servants include teachers at all levels, police officers, firefighters, nurses, librarians, sanitation workers, prison guards and numerous others we tend to assume don’t matter!

Do we really want to discourage people from entering these different public service jobs? Can we not give them respect and decent salaries and benefits and pensions, since they do NOT make as high salaries as many people in the private sector?

If we allow politicians to destroy public servants’ security and dignity, we may very soon have shortages of such dedicated people, and regret our failure to defend them as what they are: heroes who sacrifice, and in many cases, face danger and difficult conditions as they keep their commitment to all of the American people!

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