Eric Cantor’s View Of The Senate: Hypocrisy Personified! :(

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia has expressed frustration about the fact that the US Senate, under Democratic control, will not even take up the Health Care Reform repeal bill passed by the House of Representatives yesterday.

He feels that it is wrong that the Senate becomes the equivalent of the “graveyard” or “dust bin” (my language) of legislation that passes the House of Representatives.

Somehow, this comes across as if Eric Cantor has not been awake and conscious in the past two years, when the Senate minority, the Republicans, bottle necked hundreds of House bills by utilizing the filibuster tactic. That apparently was not a problem to Cantor, and we never heard him protest the blockage of what the majority wanted in the Senate.

But now when the MINORITY in the Senate wants to impose their agenda on the American people and take away the advantages of the Health Care Reform, suddenly Cantor is outraged that the Democrats are finally ready to play the same game, and block any consideration.

The only major difference, and I emphasize MAJOR, is that the Democrats ARE the majority, and have every right to block the attempt of the GOP to destroy a piece of legislation which is of historic proportions!

To say the least, Eric Cantor is a pure HYPOCRITE, par excellence! 🙁

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