The Senate “Tea Party” Caucus: Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, And Mike Lee

A “glorious” day is coming on January 27, when the so called Senate Tea Party Caucus is meeting with local Tea Party activists to consider making government smaller, and how to deal with the budgets, spending, and the deficit.

Three Republican Senators will be present at these meetings: Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Mike Lee of Utah.

All three are the most right wing members of the GOP, and by being involved with the Tea Party, they label themselves as the most extreme and loony members of the Republican Party! πŸ™

What is fascinating though is that the other 44 GOP senators are NOT scheduled to be involved in this meeting, and realize that 13 new Republican Senators were elected to the 112th Congress, but only two of them, Paul and Lee, are willing to associate directly with Jim DeMint, who has become the worst of the worst in the party, so this move will label them as extremists who cannot be taken as rational and reasonable in their views! πŸ™

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