Guns And Congressmen: Unacceptable! :(

The news that a couple of House members plan to carry weapons on their person when they go to public events, rather than simply have increased security at these events, is a troubling development.

Do they really plan to open up fire on an assailant, while surrounded by the general public?

Security personnel in the House and Senate make it clear that it is an unwise action, and it leaves the image that guns solve problems, which they do not.

With all of the murder victims brought about by the easy accessibility of guns, should members of Congress be advocating more people carrying weapons?

Are we to be an armed society, a nation which is already the most violent in the world?

Are we to go back to allowance of gun duels, like the one which led to Vice President Aaron Burr to kill former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in 1804, or Andrew Jackson to kill six opponents in such gun duels?

Are we to go back to the era of armed members of Congress before the Civil War, and have a Congressman, Preston Brooks, assault Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts, with a cane, putting him in the hospital for two years of recovery, in the year 1856? There were also many threats of direct gun action on the floor of the House in the 1850s, besides this horrific event.

Members of Congress should realize they must set an example on carrying of guns, or otherwise we will have many more murders and woundings, and the society will collapse into a new civil war! 🙁

One comment on “Guns And Congressmen: Unacceptable! :(

  1. John January 12, 2011 10:45 pm

    What I find funny is how people only follow parts of the constitution yet throw everything else to hell. We the people have the right to bear arms and we should utilize this to unify against our government which uses the constitution as toilet paper.

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