Eric Cantor: “We won!” Nancy Pelosi In 2009: “We won!” So Nothing New With GOP Control Except Who They Represent! :(

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was cocky yesterday in a news conference, asserting: “We won!”

Two years ago, Nancy Pelosi said the same thing, and the Republican Party jumped all over her and her party!

But what has changed with GOP control? Nothing new, except who the GOP represents: powerful corporations, the top few percent of the people in a war on the masses of the middle and lower classes.

It looks likely that the 112th Congress will go down as the most right wing, reactionary Congress since the 1920s, as even the 80th Congress in 1947-1948 and the 83rd Congress in 1953-1954 were notable for some of the things they did.

As much as the Newt Gingrich led 104th (1995-1996) and 105th (1997-1998) Congresses were seen negatively in the Bill Clinton era, their right wing and conservative bent pale by comparison to what seems likely to occur over the next two years, and the big difference is that in the earlier Congresses mentioned above, the economy was not in a deep recession, with a slow recovery as we have in the present.

So the nation needs to brace for the horrors to come as the new Congress begins today! 🙁

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