Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh Rejection Of Health Care Coverage: Does That Make Him Principled? NO! :(

Joe Walsh is a new Congressman from Illinois, elected with the help of the Tea Party Movement, and dedicated to the destruction of the Obama Health Care legislation.

As part of his commitment, Walsh has announced that he is rejecting the health care coverage that all members of Congress are entitled to, which happens to be the best health care plan available in the United States!

He is also rejecting retirement and pension benefits that members of Congress automatically receive as part of their employment.

On CNN this morning, Walsh tried to portray himself as principled, but what he says and is doing rings false! πŸ™

His own wife has a pre-existing condition, but he wishes to end that part of the health care plan already in effect. He admits that he will have to enter the private insurance market and will have trouble finding insurance that will help his wife. Is this sensible on his part? NO, it indicates that he is a poor husband who puts his ideology over his family needs!

But, on the other hand, let’s think about this more. Congressman Walsh will make about $175,000 a year as a Congressman, which is a salary only earned by about two percent of all employees in this nation.

Also, Walsh will have $1.4 million to set up district offices, and one wonders whether he will utilize some of that money to help pay for his health insurance! πŸ™

Walsh is not an average American with an average job, so it is easy for him to pontificate about the evils of the Obama Health Care law, and deny 30 million people the benefits of such a law!

For a man who supposedly believes in “family values” and “personal responsibility”, he certainly is showing that he is an ideologue who has no concern for people in his district who do not have the salary or opportunities that he will have, just by being a member of Congress!

We will have to watch Congressman Walsh to see whether he is consistent in his actions and statements, or whether he will accept help from lobbyists and others, who will be only too willing to assist him to gain his influence behind their legislation!

Does anyone want to bet on this man’s principles, or see him for what he is certain to be–a hypocrite of the worst kind? πŸ™

6 comments on “Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh Rejection Of Health Care Coverage: Does That Make Him Principled? NO! :(

  1. Mike DeLapp January 6, 2011 12:47 pm

    Amazing. This guy seems to think that to be principled they must surrender thier salary!

    How can someone be so non-objective about an action by an congressman only shows the shallowness that the left lives in. I am surpised that the publication even allows him the ink


  2. bob January 20, 2011 10:41 pm

    what the author does not understand is that a free market, properly regulated will offer more alternatives, better care, and at lower cost. kudos to the congressman for standing on principal and refusing to suck at the trough.

  3. Ronald January 20, 2011 10:46 pm

    The key phrase is “properly regulated”, which will NEVER happen under Republicans!

  4. Persepolis January 21, 2011 5:21 pm

    The author of this should be ashamed of his narrow-minded judgemental thinking. The congressman has sacrificed quite a bit in order to show that he stands behind what he is preaching. He is not irresponsible for not taking care of his family. He has found private coverage and will pick up the tab personally for anything not covered. No one seems to notice either that while his health coverage as a congressman would be federally funded, it is also coverage that would be provided by his employer, which is different than a handout. The opinions expressed here are ludicrous, and the last paragraph is the perfect example. The writer has convicted this congressman of being a “hypocrite of the worst kind” for what the writer believes the congressman will do in the future. And all because the writer is apparently a lefty while the congressman is on the right. I think there’s a word for what the writer has shown himself to be…BIGOT.

  5. cleansweep January 27, 2011 11:32 pm

    Well, I will believe him if he makes his staff get their own health insurance and retirement, after all they do everything for him except make speeches (Staff does write most speeches)So Will he?

  6. Shirley July 27, 2011 10:05 pm

    The thing Joe Walsh said to chris Matthew were uncall for, he sound total unprofessional and it hard for me to understand how a person like this can be voted in to office. I have not read anything good about him. people who talk loud like that don’t you to realize they are sure about what they are saying, and don’t JACK.
    He is good at calling name and this what people do when they are not qualified for the position they hold.

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