Mike Huckabee Becomes The Male Sarah Palin

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who is in a near dead heat in polling for the GOP 2012 Presidential nomination with Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, has apparently decided that he must out Palin Palin!

On his Fox News show, he asserts that if the health care bill passed, and were Ted Kennedy still alive, he would be sent home to die and would not be given proper health care.

Will Huckabee’s adoption of Sarah Palin’s “Death Panels” concept, which has caused so much grief and hysteria despite the fact it has no basis, advance him in the Presidential race?

Let’s just say IF it does, the Republican Party will be committing suicide whether or not the health care plan is passed into law.

This move by Huckabee only makes Mitt Romney look more rational and reasonable, faced with two opponents who have to be seen as demagogues for exploiting the issue of health care for their own selfish reasons, rather than providing a real answer to this massive problem the country faces.

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