Hillary Clinton And Women’s Rights

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has long been an advocate of women’s rights, from her days as a college student, law student, top notch lawyer, wife of the Arkansas governor, First Lady of the nation, and US Senator. She is not about to stop now, in her position leading American diplomacy around the world.

She went to eastern Congo to condemn mass rape and has made it clear she will speak up actively for the equality of rights, and fair treatment of women all over the world.

While the conditions of women in the United States have dramatically improved over recent decades, women in third world countries still face horrific treatment from husbands and family members, and an inequitable justice system.

While Hillary Clinton speaking out may not bring about everything she and we would desire, she has enunciated the view that exposure of wrongs, and advocacy of rapid change, will force a lot of reform in many nations. She is taking the high moral stand, and we should all applaud her for her courage and outspokenness.

It adds another dimension to the need for morality in American foreign policy, and we can only hope for its progress in many foreign lands!

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