50th Anniversary Of Hawaii Statehood!

Fifty years ago at this time in August, Hawaii became the 50th state of the Union, the only one NOT in North America, and about 3,000 miles from California and the Pacific Coast.

Hawaii has come a long way in those fifty years, and its two Democratic senators have played a major role in American politics, particularly Senator Daniel Inouye, third longest serving senator after Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy, now finishing his 47th year of Senate service and still going strong, unlike Byrd and Kennedy, who are both ill.

Hawaii is, of course, very important in our defense structure, and is a true example of a multiracial society that has worked. If has the reputation of having the best weather anywhere in America, including San Diego! 🙂

It would be very nice if only we could educate ALL Americans to realize that Hawaii IS a state for the past 50 years, and that, therefore, Barack Obama WAS born in that state when it was barely two years old. In fact, even if Hawaii was not yet a state when Obama was born, the fact that it was a territory since 1898 qualified Obama to be able to run for President.

So let’s celebrate Hawaii’s 50 years, and may the so called “Birthers” cease and desist their ridiculous, insane, moronic, and demagogic accusations that our President is an illegal immigrant!

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