The Public Option For Health Insurance Is Essential!

There are hints coming from the Obama Administration that they might settle for non profit coops to create competition for the health insurance industry, in lieu of a “public option”, where the government competes with private enterprise for those who are least able to afford health insurance costs.

The argument is that the Senate will NOT go along with a public option, while the House will not go along with any legislation that does not have a public option.

This is a defining moment for the Obama plans for health care, and it is indeed a tough issue, but I think the President has to use the prestige of his office and start to act like Lyndon Johnson–be aggressive and take the view that this is the best time to get health care reform through, and that he should not concern himself with whether or not the Republicans will go along or support a plan.

The “blue dog” Democrats in the House must be read the “riot act” and the more conservative Democrats in the Senate informed that this is a question of a once in a generation opportunity for fundamental change, and that therefore the fight must go on for real change.

Yes, abortion, illegal immigrants and clearcut declaration that so called “death panels” will NOT be part of the legislation is essential. Also, cost controls to avoid adding to the national debt long term is also necessary.

This is a time to FIGHT, not give in to the corporations and the conservatives who are propagandizing to destroy the need for health care reform. America deserves better!

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