President Obama And Town Halls In New Hampshire And Montana

Despite all of the controversy surrounding some of the town halls that have been held by Congressmen and Senators these past few weeks, it turns out that President Obama performed excellently at town halls in New Hampshire earlier this week and Montana today.

The crowd in both cases was pleasant and respectful, as should be, but there were definitely opponents in the crowd who seemed to be satisfied with Obama’s responses, even if they were not totally convinced. Obama invited challenges and questioning by critics, and it was done in a civil way.

Obama certainly made it clear that the charges leveled against the health care plan were myths, and he was strong in his assertions that the government was not out to promote socialized medicine. He repudiated all of the hysteria and panic that has been promoted by conservative and Republican and corporate opponents of any substantial reform in health care.

It is evident that the American people are concerned about changes in health care, but Obama, after having held back in the past couple of weeks in getting deeply involved in defending and explaining the plans for health care, has finally taken to the road and is actively promoting what he sees as essential action.

Despite a lot of doubts that remain about the effects of health care reform occurring, it seems to me that Obama is starting to change public opinion in what is likely one of the toughest battles he will face as President. The supporters of health care reform have to realize who the enemy is, and fight with courage and conviction!

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