Eric Cantor: Why Don’t You Speak Up About Nazi References To Obama? :(

Eric Cantor, the only Jewish Republican in Congress, and House Minority Whip from Virginia, has been strangely silent as a swastika was painted on the door of Georgia Congressman David Scott’s local office,  and as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have labeled Barack Obama as a Hitler with Nazi viewpoints.

Why is Eric Cantor unwilling to speak up on the abuse of the facts about Nazism, considering that he knows the truth of what Nazis did to the Jewish population of Europe, along with other groups, including gays and gypsies?  Does he really think a black Congressman and black President are Nazi like, enough so that one depiction of Obama has him with the Hitler mustache?  Is  he afraid to speak up against the indecency of conservative talk show hosts and even his fellow Republican leaders and party members?

Does Eric Cantor have a conscience, or is his long range desire to run for President preventing him from showing any principle or guts?

The  Jewish community and all decent people need to hear from Eric Cantor.  Speak up, and as John F. Kennedy wrote,  prove you are a “Profile in Courage”.   Denounce these words and actions and call for a condemnation of talk show hosts who have no desire to do anything but divide the nation,  prevent any medical care legislation,  and promote an atmosphere of violence and bloodshed.

If anything, god forbid,  should happen to the President or any member of Congress, or just an ordinary citizen,  the blood will be on the hands of these despicable peddlers of hate, and also on  the hands of a gutless Congressman named Eric Cantor!

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