Bill Clinton’s Strong Defense Of Obama’s Health Care Initiative

Former President Bill Clinton, who suffered the failure of his health care plan in 1993-1994, came out swinging yesterday in support of President Obama’s health care initiative.

Speaking before a group of political activists, he declared that the success of the plan would raise Obama’s approval rating dramatically, and that all the fears and concerns about the health program would be shown to be false within a year and would make Obama even more popular.

Since Bill Clinton is still very much admired among a majority of Americans, his willingness to come out strongly for Obama could be a major plus, and the adoption of a viable health care plan would be a vindication of what he tried to do, and what Ted Kennedy has been spending great efforts over the past few decades to accomplish, and what Harry Truman promoted in his time, and even what Theodore Roosevelt advocated in his Bull Moose Progressive Party campaign in 1912.

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