Christianity And The Responsibility To Provide Health Care

It is absolutely amazing how some so called “Christians”  do not believe in following the teachings and beliefs of Jesus Christ.

There is nothing in the story of Jesus to indicate that he believed in promoting prejudice, racism, discrimination or religious hatred.  There is nothing to indicate that he believed in the idea of everyone owning  a gun.  There is nothing to indicate that he looked down on poor people or thought that assistance to those less fortunate was “socialism”.

In fact,  it is clear that he would believe in the concept of health care being offered to everyone, despite their economic station in life.  He would not be opposed to the concept of people sharing responsibility for those less fortunate.  He would be a “we” person, not a “me” person.  He would not be a conservative, with their mean spirited, nasty, narrow minded view of society–that those who have continue to have, and forget about responsibility to the rest of society.

Jesus Christ would not be pleased with conservatism in America, and religious zealots who promote hate and division, and the Republican party which unfortunately has become the party sowing lies, hate, division of society in its purpose to undermine change and reform and regain power.

Those who attack the concept of health care for everyone are to be condemned as “unChristian”,   people who Jesus Christ would criticize rightfully!

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