Physicist Stephen Hawking And The Health Care Debate

British physicist Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant living scientists,  was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom today in a White House ceremony,  along with fifteen others, including Bishop Desmond Tutu, Senator Ted Kennedy,  Justice Sandra Day O’Connor,  and actor Sidney Poitier.

Stephen Hawking has for decades had to live in a paralyzed state in a wheelchair because he is a victim of ALS,  Lou Gehrig’s Disease,  but he has managed, nevertheless,  to make major theoretical contributions, despite his handicap.  The fact that he is alive, so many years after the original diagnosis, and has lived to see himself honored by President Obama,  is an inspiring story.   But he pointed out today that were it not for the British National Health System,  he would not be alive today, but he has been fortunate to receive excellent care under a system that has been regularly denounced in this country by right wing conservatives.

The claim that the national health care systems of Canada,  Great Britain, France,  Germany, and Australia do not work is pure bull, and this case is just further proof of the positive nature of these countries’s  health care programs.  This propaganda is all part of the health insurance industry’s determination to do anything necessary to prevent any health care reform.  They do not care for the health of anyone, only their own profit,  and the sad thing is that so many people are involved in promoting lies and deceit, hysteria and panic,  and even the promotion by whackos of death threats.  This is a serious crisis for America, worrisome that it could lead to violence.  Hopefully, that will not happen!

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