Michele Bachmann, Americorp, And Her Son

Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has denounced the Obama Administration plans to expand Americorp,  a volunteer organization that encourages young people to offer themselves for service to their country.

She claims that the purpose of Americorp is to promote internment camps that control young people’s  minds, that it is an evil plot by President Obama to control the future and create “Communist re-education camps”.

Somehow, however,  one of her sons, Harrison Bachmann,  sees things differently,  and is  joining  Americorp as a teacher.   My gosh, how disrespectful young people are, refusing to listen to the rants and craziness of their moms!  LOL  🙂

Apparently,  her son knows his mother better than us and yes, we  can agree:  She is a right wing whacko nut, who offers nothing positive to the US Congress,  and it is hoped somehow that she will be retired to private  life!

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